Quit This, Have a Stronger Erection

Quit This, Have a Stronger Erection

Quit This, Have a Stronger Erection

Think only your dad should be paying attention to those erectile dysfunction (ED) commercials? Turns out younger guys should, too, according to a new study inThe Journal of Sexual Medicine.

In the Italian study, researchers found that 26 percent of 439 men seeking help for ED during a two-and-a-half year period were younger than 40—and nearly half of these men had severe cases and problems with premature ejaculation. The twist: Younger guys didn’t have the normal characteristics of men searching for help with their manhood—they had a lower average body mass index (25.1 BMI), a higher average level of testosterone in their blood, and a lower rate of other medical conditions, like hypertension, that often lead to ED.

So what’s making them go limp? One culprit could be cigarette and elicit drug use—younger men smoked or used illegal drugs like pot or cocaine more frequently. And just like high blood pressure, activities such as smoking restrict your blood vessels and can choke off blood flow to the penis, says Gregory Bales, M.D., an associate professor of urology at the University of Chicago.

If you’re a young person with ED, very often the single best thing you can do is stop smoking, Dr. Bales says. In fact, one small 2011 study found that men who quit cigarettes after an 8-week cessation period had stronger, firmer erections at the conclusion of the study.

It’s not all about kicking the butts, though. Most men under 40 who have ED usually have psychological stop signs affecting them—stress, anxiety, body issues—says Bales. No matter the case, strengthen your erection with—or without—drugs by following these tips.

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