Strict adherence to policies and procedures

Strict adherence to policies and procedures

Reduce claim rejection and resubmission errors

Reduction of cost by 30-40% with our competitive rates

Quicker adaption to any billing platforms

Increased cash flow, with our denial management and AR follow up

On-site management team available for discussions/escalations

Customized reports analysing your practice

An experienced group of professionals sitting on either side of the delivery platform


At PHYSICIANS CHOICE, we offer superior and cost effective solutions for the full spectrum of RCM Services in the most cost effective manner. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and small group practices. Our goal is to help you maximize profit in the shortest turn-around-time. Most companies loose good money which is often associated with lack of experience, improper processing, coding and a poor or non-existent infrastructure. PHYSICIANS CHOICE carefully balances its client base in order to ensure that each client will receive our complete and undivided attention! Our team of professionals are fully aware of the new market trends, 5010-compliance & ICD-10 coding. We work with physicians & their office directly, streamlining the front and back end operations.We offer competitive billing rates with no compromise on quality. Maintain strict confidentiality. We adhere to HIPAA compliant security policies.PHYSICIANS CHOICE has partnered with Infotronics Healthcare Services, an off shore center established for the last 10 years.


Should a physician outsource medical billing services?
This is a very difficult decision for any physician and partially boils down to his or her own personal ideology and comfort level. Setting all ideology aside, I would like to delve into the pros and cons of this difficult and complicated decision. Clearly, the best way to do your billing is to do it personally. Obviously, doing it yourself is probably not an option. Even if you were interested in keeping up with all the changes and elements of medical billing, the practical reality is that there is absolutely no time. Let''s face it, time is your most valuable asset.
If you answer yes to most of the following questions then you should probably consider outsourcing:
» Is your overall collection rate declining?
» Is your accounts receivable too high?
» Are you experiencing an increased number of denied claims?
» Is your overall frustration level regarding your billing/business office very high?
» Are you facing a major capital investment in new hardware or software?
» Are your computer support fees to high?
» Are you having a difficult time keeping or hiring experienced billing staff?
» Are you spending too much time on the business aspect of medicine?
» Are you completely reliant upon your office manager?
» Are you planning to expand your practice?
» Do you believe that your practice cost structure is too high?
» Do you have several employees performing tasks that could be handled by a single more experienced manager?
The ability to identify and keep competent, experienced office managers and billing staff is next to impossible for most physician practices and rural hospitals and clinics. Theoretically, a billing service should be able collect more money than a physician''s office because it is our core competency.