3 Reasons To Become A Cycling Commuter Health Advices

3 Reasons To Become A Cycling Commuter  Health Advices

Posted by Bharath on May 17, 2012 in Health Tips 0 comments

3 Reasons To Become A Cycling Commuter

The urban landscape is changing, and our commute to work each day is part of that change. As more and more cars flood our narrow streets and roundabouts, we must look for ways to make commuting less impactful. Cycling accomplishes this goal while offering many benefits for the environment and for human health.

Think of the cost of a petrol-fueled car over the course of a year. How many liters are burned as an engine idles in heavy traffic? A hybrid vehicle may save a bit, but cycling costs nothing at all. An intrepid and resourceful cyclist can circumvent bus, train and underground tickets, pocketing even more. For those tired of pedaling, small electric motors can be fitted onto a bicycle. These motors won’t set any land speed records, but they’re inexpensive to run and virtually silent.

Think of the time lost and appointments missed due to traffic congestion. The streets of our cities are justly famous for tangles of motorists, and it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. A cyclist doesn’t have to sit in horrendous traffic jams. Rather, they can weave in and out of stalled traffic, arriving at their destinations sooner and with less aggravation. The time saved means extra hours for recreational or business pursuits.

We’re all aware of the pollution caused by millions of internal combustion engines. Their exhaust contributes to global warming, acid rain, air and water pollution and a host of other ills. Cycling does not pollute the environment. Each automobile removed from the urban landscape and replaced by a bicycle makes a difference. Even fair-weather cyclists have an impact. A bicycle costs less in materials and labor in its manufacture, and takes less room in a landfill when its usefulness is over, giving it a far smaller carbon footprint than even the smallest car.

The health benefits of cycling are well known. We live in a world where computers, video games and sitting in cars have led to increased mortality from heart disease and obesity. Cycling improves cardiac and lung function, tones important muscle groups, strengthens bones and burns calories with every kilometer. The workout provided by a cycling commute releases endorphins into the blood, lifting mood and improving alertness and concentration. Imagine arriving refreshed each morning and ready to work instead of struggling through the door with a paper and morning tea, barely awake. In a nutshell, that’s what cycling does for the human body.

Of course, cycling in traffic means that one must constantly be aware of movement on all sides. A proper helmet and clothing must always be worn for protection, and traffic laws apply to cyclists just as they do to motorists. Whether your commute is a few blocks or several kilometers, safety comes first!

Johnny is the Manager at one of the largest Melbourne bike shops. He has a strong passion for cycling and loves the commute to and from work.

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